RULES 2023/2024 SEASON


  • a) These rules supersede all Interclub Rules formulated prior to 28th July 1999. All previous rules are to be disregarded whether they are directly covered in these rules or not.
  • b) These rules may be altered, added to, or rescinded from time to time provided that:
    • i) Such alterations are made by a majority vote of Delegates at the Annual General Meeting of the Association.
    • ii) Such proposed alterations are circulated to all clubs at least two weeks prior to the meeting.
    • iii) Once Interclub matches have commenced for the season no alterations may be made until all competitions have been completed.


The Executive Committee, as laid down in the Constitution, has the authority to:

  • a) Arrange and control all competitions.
  • b) Interpret these rules.
  • c) Decide any matters arising from the competitions not covered by these rules.
  • d) Order any match to be replayed.
  • e) Regrade or decline any entry.
  • f) Create extra grades or sections where required.


  • a) Each Club to be represented by two Delegates, one of whom must be Club Captain or lnterclub Co-ordinator/Selector. Delegates are required to attend meetings when necessary.
  • b) At all meetings, in the event of a ballot, each Club is entitled to only one vote.


  • a) Each Club shall, each season, submit a List of Teams to the Executive Committee by the due date.
  • b) The typed Club List of Teams must list team members and include the captains' phone number.
  • c) Premier grade players and reserves must be registered in order of merit.
  • d) Any player not listed on the Clubs' List of Teams two weeks after commencement of interclub, will not be eligible to play for the remainder of the season.
    Approval must be sought from the Executive Committee for any new member who wishes to play interclub after that date.
  • e) No additional players will be considered by the Executive Committee after 31st January each season (unless approved by the Executive Committee in exceptional circumstance.
  • f) The Co-ordinating Recorder or Grade Recorder must be advised of, and must approve prior to play, any additional registrations.
  • g) The Registration Fee, for each team, shall be fixed at the Annual General Meeting. Registration is currently $ 5.00 per team.


  • a) Players must be financial members of their Club
  • b) No person currently attending secondary school (except as an adult student) shall be eligible to play interclub.
  • c) No player may play in more than 3 teams during any one season.
  • d) Clubs with more than one team in the same grade or section cannot use a player from a higher team as a replacement in a lower team.
  • e) In any one season a player may only play three times for higher teams, but if required to play four times, then must be re-graded up and may play in any position. If the player has played up in two different teams, she will be re-graded to the lower of those teams. A player, having played for a higher team three times, shall not play a fourth time if the team from which that player was a member, has concluded its competition for that season.
  • f) When a player from a lower team is used they must play at number 3 or 4.
  • g) Player transfer to another NSLDTA club to play for another midweek interclub team is not permitted after the commencement of the first match of the season of that player's grade. (Unless approved by Exec. Committee.)


  • a) Four players to each team, each player plays 2 doubles matches. Team members 1 & 2, 3 & 4, 1 & 3, 2 & 4, play their opposite numbers.
  • b) A minimum of 3 players constitutes a team. If 3 players only are available team members 1 & 2 and 1 & 3 play their opposite numbers.
  • c) In Premier Grade, on any given day, the highest graded player must play No 1.


  • a) Games to commence at 9.30am
  • b) Any team which does not have as least 3 members ready for play 30 minutes after the official starting time may be liable to default.
  • c) The captain of each team must supply the opposing team captain with a list of players in playing order before the start of play.
  • d) All matches shall be decided by the best of two tiebreaker sets with a super tiebreaker to 10 points (with a 2 point margin) if it is one set all.
  • e) Players may elect to play a full 3rd set instead of a third set tiebreaker. This can only be done with the agreement of both pairs and must be decided before the commencement of the match. If any player in the 2 pairs does not agree then you will continue as per rule 7(d).


Points for lnterclub matches are to be allocated as follows:

  • 14 points are allocated per interclub round
  • 3 points per match, plus 2 bonus points
  • A win in two sets = 3 points
  • A two sets to one win = 2 points to winning team, 1 point to losing team
  • Two bonus points to winning team. One bonus point to each team if the matches are tied 2-2.


  • a) Each team will be issued with this Handbook with results pages at the back.
  • b) Both captains are to fill in players' names, results and sign their copy and the opponents' copy. We will go back to these copies if there is a dispute.
  • c) Captains are to keep Handbook until the end of season.
  • d) The host team captain or designated person is to submit players' names and results on to the website on the day the match is completed.
  • e) Enter home team scores in the left hand column and the oppositions' in the right hand column.
  • f) If using a player from another team click on "Find Player".


  • a) The Grade winner will be the team which has accumulated the most points during the season.
  • b) If two or more teams are equal on points a countback will be made,
    • i) First of matches won, and if these are equal,
    • ii) of sets won, and if these are equal,
    • iii) of games won over the entire season.

If points, matches, sets and games are equal, the teams shall play the best of three twelve point tiebreakers. Team composition as in Rule 6a. Venue for these matches to be the Tennis Centre, Forrest Hill.


 If sections have 10 or more teams in them the two highest scoring teams will be promoted and the two lowest scoring teams will be relegated. If sections have fewer than 10 teams only 1 team will be relegated and 1 team promoted. However in certain circumstances it is left to the discretion of the Executive committee as to the number of teams to move up or down.


Host team to supply four (4) new balls of the brand adopted by Tennis Northern for each day's play.

13. FEES

Players to pay a fee for each Interclub match. This fee shall be fixed at the Annual General Meeting. Current fee is $1.00 per player per match. An account for this sum will be sent to each Club at the end of the season. A penalty fee of $50 will apply for fees not received by 7th May 2024.


  • a) The commencement of a match may be delayed because of inclement weather by arrangement between the team Captains.
  • b) No match shall be postponed until one hour after the scheduled commencement time. All players must be available until that time.
  • c) If, owing to inclement weather a match is unplayed or unfinished, and the match occurs in the first half of the season (before Christmas), clubs must play or complete the match before Christmas. If the affected match occurs in the second half of the season, clubs must play or complete the match before the "end of season" Grade Tournaments. Teams are encouraged, however, to play make-up matches as soon as possible in order to keep the Points Table up to date.
  • d) Rescheduling is to be arranged by team Captains. If a match cannot be completed within four weeks the matter is to be referred back to the Executive Committee.


  • a) Any team failing to comply with:
    • i) Rule 4 - Registration
    • ii) Rule 5 - Eligibility of players
    • iii) Rule 6 - Team Composition
  • will be penalised 3 Points. Points gained in breach of these rules will be forfeited. The opposition team will receive the average points scored by their team during the season or the points scored on the day, whichever is the greater.
  • b) All claims for defaults must be lodged with the Secretary or Co-ordinating recorder within three days of the match. The Executive Committee, having given full consideration to the facts will decide whether the default will be awarded or the match be played.
  • c) If an entire team defaults, the team that defaults will be penalised 3 points. The opposition team shall receive the average points scored by their team during the season.


If a player sustains an injury and cannot return to the court within 10 minutes from when play ceases, they must default that match, but may, if recovered, play in the turn around match.


Players must wear clothing and shoes specifically designed for tennis.


All matches to be played with good spirit, fair play and sportsmanship.


Reports of breaches of these rules are to be made in writing by the Club Delegate to the Secretary or President, within seven days of the alleged breach.